United Systems & Miniknog Enact Long Awaited Spur Independence Treaty!

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    United Systems & Miniknog Enact Long Awaited Spur Independence Treaty!

    Tensions have been high amongst the United Systems & Miniknog governing bodies since the initial occupation of Orion Spur space. For the last 7 years, borders have been skewed, pushed, and pulled at an unsettling rate. Finally, after nearly a decade of political conflict & fear, the parties have reached an understanding!

    Spurrian’s everywhere can finally rest easy, as the United Systems & Miniknog have agreed upon a mutual withdrawal from Orion Space, effective immediately! No longer will border skirmishes leave the citizens of the spur with tension and unease.

    Early this evening, US Senator Micheal Jeffen’s spoke in a press hearing to pridefully announce their victory.

    “Long have our disagreements with the Miniknog left us fighting for the safety of our people -- But I am happy to announce that you, citizens, will no longer need to fear. United Systems diplomacy has won; We, and the Miniknog, are pleased to finally give you all what you’ve sought for so long. Peace -- and independence.”

    Cheers roared through the conference hall and left citizens throwing hats to the air in celebration.

    May 18th, 2416 will forever be marked in our history books. The Spurrian Independance Day.
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    brb catching the next flight to mars

    see you assholes never again
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    What they done... This is a doom's day. Day of great sorrow.