The life cost of the United Systems and the Miniknog's political games

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    The life cost of the United Systems and the Miniknog's political games
    It's dusk on Loswake, time for supper, but the families on this wealthy mining colony are not sitting at the dinner table in their home. They are keeping each other company in one of the many reinforced underground shelters on the isolated world, the drone of distant raid sirens drowning out the thuds of mortar fire. 391 people have been killed over the last year from the recent and relentless pirate raids.

    The erchius producing world wasn't always like this. Piracy is always a problem on frontier worlds, but not to the scale that the struggling independent government has been trying to defend against. The Orion Spur conflict has fast tracked pirate operations in the sector now that superpower patrols are no longer able to move freely without drawing harsh political criticism.

    Warships from the United Systems and the Miniknog sit one jump away from Loswake in the next system over, but they don't move to intervene. Not when both superpowers have laid sovereign claims to that sector of space. They are too busy attempting to oust each other in the political arena, while the people of Loswake pay the price.

    Loswake is just one of many worlds that have suffered due to the inaction the United Systems and the Miniknog have imposed on the region. Leaders from both sides claim that despite the territorial disputes, the Orion Spur will ultimately be better off in the long run, yet they linger dangerously close to the brink of war, as they allow chaos to overwhelm the independent worlds in the sector, waiting to swoop in at the last minute to claim their prize.

    If a world like Loswake falls, it's the excuse the United Systems and the Miniknog need, have been hoping for, to attempt to take over the colony and claim it as their own. Everyone knows neither side will idly stand by and let that happen. An event like that will mark the beginning of a war that will engulf the Orion Spur in flames.
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    This is an outrage how can these two governments bicker at one another, as a planet is bombed on their borders!
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    They're waiting, like vultures over a sick deer... When the planet falls, they will swoop in and squabble over the corpse. They care only for the resources it contains, not the lives that are fading from existence as it dies.
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