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    Mods are good! But mods can also be bad! Make sure when you're installing mods that they're 100% vanilla multiplayer friendly! Mod's that add new assets to the vanilla assets are NOT vanilla friendly!

    Here's a list of some of the mods we highly recommend you install, and the reason why!

    No Teleport Animation by Narks

    This mod removes that long and laggy teleport animation that players every time you warp somewhere. Installing this mod will let you teleport places quickly! It's exceptionally helpful for colonies like Pinewood Falls that use teleporter doors!​

    Spawnable Item Pack by Errors41

    This mod let's you spawn whatever items you might need, multiplayer friendly! Remember, cheat items are purely for OOC convenience.​

    Roleplay Chat

    This mod is a simple one that just makes the game chat bigger. It's super handy for roleplay where messages can get pretty big!​

    Better Avians by Red Hawk One

    This mod is a visual mod that just makes Avian's look more bird-appropriate for all those who install it!​

    Reno’s Sitting Mod + No Clip by Reno_fezzed_one

    The sitting feature this mod provides can really help immerse you! While the No Clip feature can be handy in general for OOC purposes.​

    Frame Rate Fix

    Less of a mod, more of a bug fix. This is just a guide from here on the forums that shows you how to fix those frame rate issues you might be getting. This mod really boosts performance, we recommend everyone does it!

    The absolute #1 most important third party modding tool for any starbound roleplayer. It's the most in depth save editor around, and let's you do all sorta of neat things. It can be pretty complicated to get into the really tricky things like object modifcations and custom JSON, but if you play around long enough and learn some tips from others, you'll get the hang of it!​
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